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What To Do When SharePoint Repeatedly Prompts For A Password

If you are using a secure SharePoint site and it repeatedly prompts you for a password, please try the following steps (for Windows users only):

1. Clear all saved passwords on each computer you use:

  • Go to:  Tools — Internet Options — General Tab
  • Click the button: “Delete…”
  • Select all the check boxes (optionally leave browsing history unchecked)
  • Click “Delete”

2. Ensure that Internet Explorer “Local Intranet” Sites have been added to each computer you use:

This step is especially helpful for computers where you already log onto the computer with your Purdue Career Account credentials, because it allows your credentials to pass through to SharePoint.

3. If prompted for a password when opening Microsoft Office documents:

If you have logged into your computer with your career account, the steps above should enable your credentials to pass through to SharePoint when opening Microsoft Office documents.  However, if you have logged into your computer using a different account from your career account (which sometimes happens with personally owned computers, shared computers, and/or laptops), then you will likely be prompted for a password each time you open a Microsoft Office document

One way to get around this — if you are opening lots of documents such as Word documents — is to open the first Word document, entering your username and password, and then leave Word open (don’t close the first Word document) while you continue opening other Word documents.  By leaving Word open, the connection remains open, along with the credentials you entered, and thus subsequent documents should open without requiring your username or password. 

Also, please note that, in general, you will not be prompted for a password when opening PDF documents in SharePoint (which is why we recommending using PDF whenever possible when distributing static documents within SharePoint or web servers).

4. Turn off the “Sharepoint OpenDocuments Class” add-on in IE to disable all document password prompts

If you simply want to open and view documents in Sharepoint, you can disable the IE web browser add-on that is at the heart of document password prompting.  This add-on is called “SharePoint OpenDocuments Class” and it enables integrated document editing directly on the SharePoint server.  Because this add-on allows direct manipulation of documents on the SharePoint server, extra security and authentication is required… thus all the login prompts!  So if you don’t need the integrated features and just want to quickly open and view documents, you can disable the IE add-on using these stpes:

1. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools and select “Manage Add-ons

2. In the Manage Add-ons window, do the following (click this image to see a large screenshot):

(click to enlarge)


Conclusion and Further Reading

If you are having problems with a managed computer within BRNG, please contact the Education IT team ( for help installing the registry file in step #3 above.  Step #2 has already been applied to all COE managed desktop computers.

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Thank you and happy SharePointing!!!  🙂

–Education IT

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