Camtasia Campus License

Mac and PC versions of both Camtasia and Snag-It are available for office and home use by Purdue faculty and staff (all campuses).  Graduate and undergrad students are licensed to use them on Purdue-owned computers only.

All licenses must be tracked.  For individuals wishing to get the software, please follow this procedure:

  1. Interested faculty and staff should send e-mail to to request the software.  A footprints ticket will automatically be generated to the ITaP Licensing group.
  2. ITaP Licensing will update the ticket with the registration form for the faculty or staff member to fill out (a copy is attached to this email).
  3. Once the registration is returned to the Distribution Desk (via e-mail, Campus Mail, or walk-in), ITaP Licensing will share the appropriate zip file containing both the software installer and a text file with the license key.
  4. ITaP Licensing will then resolve the ticket with text notifying the customer to expect the Filelocker e-mail, and that the needed license key is included in the download.

All groups distributing the TechSmith software must be clear that home-use is not available to individuals with any student designation.

Online Resources

ITaP will offer workshops on Camtasia and Snag-It in beginning late summer and fall 2013.

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