IT Director for the Purdue University College of Education

IT Director for the Purdue University College of Education

Emergency Preparedness Video: Shots Fired on Campus Video

Below an article from the SecurePurdue web site that includes a link to a video:

“Shots Fired on Campus: When Lightning Strikes,” is a 20-minute video that illustrates what to look for and how to prepare and react, said Carol Shelby, senior director of environmental health and public safety. The video is available online at A Purdue career account and password are necessary to log on to view the video. Its release to the Purdue community coincides with National Emergency Preparedness Month.

“This video stresses awareness, preparation and rehearsal, the keys to safety,” Shelby said. “Students, faculty and staff can take the training on their own and access it anytime they want, but some professors also may want to play it in their classrooms.”

The video was produced by the Center for Personal Protection and Safety, based in Spokane, Wash., and is being shown at several college campuses around the nation, Shelby said. The center is composed of former U.S. Department of Defense and FBI officials and is dedicated to researching and disseminating best practices in workplace violence prevention and travel safety. It is responsible for much of the federal government’s current teaching and training on crisis negotiations, workplace violence, abduction prevention and hostage survival situations.

Shelby said Purdue linked with the center through the university’s participation in the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Agencies, an organization involved in safety and security on college campuses.

The Video:

The Transcript:

New email header will alert individuals to probable phishing scams

Please note the following post from ITaP:

Due to the continual increase in phishing attempts targeting Purdue email accounts, ITaP has created a new email header that will alert Purdue mail users to probable phishing scams.

All individuals who use an email address will be affected by this change. The alert will be added to the top of messages and will read as follows:

Please be advised that the email below contains a link associated with an identified phishing scam. Clicking on the link may harm your computer. If you believe your Purdue career account has been compromised, please contact your local academic IT support or the ITaP Customer Service Center at 765-494-4000 for help managing risk to you and the University.

For more information see:

Writer: Andrea Thomas, ITaP technology writer, 765-496-8204,

Source: Mick Haberzetle, manager of messaging and application services, 765-496-1067,

David Shaw, chief information security officer, 765-496-8289,

Socrative App Review

The following is an App review from one of our Purdue College of Education faculty members:



“Socrative is a smart student response system (‘clicker’) that empowers teachers to engage their classrooms through a series of educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Students ‘BYOD’ (bring their own device) to use as the ‘clicker’. Teachers login through their device and select an activity which controls the flow of questions and games. Students simply login with their device and interact in real time with the content: quizzes, short answer, polls, T/F, review games, etc. Student responses are visually represented for multiple choice, true/false and short answer questions. For pre-planned activities a teacher can view reports online as a Google spreadsheet or as an emailed Excel file. I use Socrative as a formative/comprehension in ECON 21900 and as a review game.”

— Prof. Phillip VanFossen


How To Connect A Computer To The BRNG 6104 Sharp Touch Panels


There is a public computer in the room that is pre-connected to the Touch Panel on the east wall.  Anybody with a Purdue Career Account can log into this computer.

A personal laptop can be connected to the Touch Panel on the west wall.  Instructions for how to connect a laptop can be found in the PDF document here:

Once you have the software and drivers installed, you can begin using the Touch Panels with a laptop.  Windows 8 laptops do not require installing any software.

For Windows users: once you install the “Pen Software,” you can use the PenSoftware whiteboard application to draw on the screen and then save your whiteboards as a PDF or as an image file to a flash drive or your laptop.

For Mac users: you can install and use the free GIMP software that is included on the flash drive in the room.  GIMP is basically a free open-source graphical editing program for both Mac and PC.  It will enable you to draw on the screen with the Pen that is provided with the Touch Panel and save your drawings in a variety of file formats to a flash drive or your laptop.  GIMP can be downloaded here:

GIMP for Mac –

GIMP for Windows –

Please be sure to leave the pens and flash drives in the room when you are finished using them.

If you would like assistance pre-configuring your laptop with software, the Education IT team would be happy to assist:

–Education IT