General Information

Backup Your Documents (create a lifetime personal backup strategy) !!!

COE Email Lists — please get signed up ASAP to stay “in the loop”!

The ITaP Instructional Development Center — IDC (Please introduce yourself to these folks!  They can help you with many instructional technology issues including the creation of digital course content and video.)

The ITaP Digital Learning Collaboratory — DLC [ equipment checkout ]

Video Recording Servcies and Options

ITaP Customer Service Center Open in Stewart Center 068
The service desk at the center is the single point of contact for WebCT questions and related service requests and also provides assistance to faculty, students and staff on a wide variety of issues involving central ITaP services. Help is available on a walk-in basis as well as by phone and email. One-on-one consulting is available. The service desk phone number: 765-49-44000

Qualtrics Online Survey System – Professional Survey System available to all Faculty, Staff, Students/

WebCT — brought to you by the MIDC, this tool enables teaching and learning at a distance using a powerful Web interface!  (Are you looking for a way to quickly communicate with and organize your students?  Please use this flexible tool!)

MyPurdue Portal –  all things Purdue

Purdue eSidewalk – public announcements from students, etc.

PurduEBoard – news from around Purdue

GetInvolved @ Purdue – student organizations

ITaP Computer Labs

Software for personal use at a discount.

How to take precautions against Computer Borne Viruses

Read the newsgroup

Free Anti-virus Software For Purdue Staff and Students @ Home

How to map your career account disk space (500 MB) to your office or home PC or MAC

Is support available for personal computer purchases?

Need help getting connected to a projector in a classroom?  Contact the ITaP Audio Visual Services 49-42771, Stewart Center Room B-20J (now part of ITaP Infrastructure, formerly known as DIS/CIS)

Why we should try to avoid sending large documents to email lists

How to send stuff to Purdue salvage

How to dispose of hazardous materials including laptop batteries:  Click here to complete the REM pickup form and someone from REM will come to pickup the item

Radiological and Environmental Management (REM) — ergonomic assessment of your office

Laser Cartridge Refund from University Stores (PDF)

The Purdue University Copyright Office Contact Donna Ferullo  If you have any questions about what you are about to copy, PLEASE contact Donna first!

Purdue Statistical Consulting Service (With the support of the ITaP  the Department of Statistics provides statistical software and design consulting services for the University community. Faculty, students and staff are encouraged to use these services, which are offered free of charge.)

Education IT Gradebook Template (.XLS, 17k)

View Calendars From Any Year

Commonly Used Computer Connectors

Web Technology Research Seminar Notes -1-28-2000

Annual Technology Expenditures

Misc. Unix Commands