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Q: What are my video recording options @ Purdue?
A: See the video recoding options web page

Q: What are my options for digitizing analog video?
A: See the digitizing analog video web page

Movies produced by Education IT (Windows Media Video .WMV):

Videoconferencing — Catch The Wave! (WMV)

Beering Hall Dedication Ceremony (WMV)

How to activate the Purdue Mailhome email auto responder (WMV)

Marilyn Haring going away memories (WMV)

COE Awards Ceremony 2001 (WMV)

Promise HotSwap bay test (WMV)

How to clean your mouse (WMV)

(Others are on various Education web sites)


2010 Updated Purdue / COE PowerPoint Template

Purdue / COE PowerPoint Template


To download one of these images, click with the right mouse button and select “Save Image As…”.  Macintosh users click and hold. (To insert one of these into MS Word, use the Insert menu and select Picture>>From File…)

Purdue Identity 2002, 118k

PU + College of Education

PUTR200.JPG, 15k