Options for Digitizing Analog Video

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Here are some options to consider…

1. VHS deck with Firewire Output

The College of Education has a VHS deck that can output to a digital firewire port.  This deck requires a computer with a IEEE 1394 firewire port.  Send EdIT a note (edit@purdue.edu) and we’ll give you more information about the location and availability of this deck.  Capturing video with this deck is not difficult, but the video files that are created will need to be post processed using video editing software.  If you already have video editing software and are familiar with video edit concepts, this is a good option.  However, if you are not familiar with video editing concepts, there can be a steep learning curve which could be quite time consuming.  If you are not proficient with video editing concepts, option 3 or 4 below are recommended.

2. VHS to DVD, then Rip the DVD to Digital Video Files

The TRC has a portable VHS to DVD burning station that you could use to copy VHS to DVD. If you simply want to transfer VHS to DVD, this is a great solution.  This station can be checked out and taken to your office.

If you need to create digital video files from a DVD, you may be able to rip the DVD using DVD ripping software such as ImToo DVD Ripper (assuming the video content is not copyrighted, or you have obtained permission from the publisher). If you already have DVD ripping software and know how it works, this is a fairly good option. If you don’t already have DVD ripping software, there is a learning curve which could be quite time consuming.

3. ITaP Video & Multimedia Production Services

Ed Dunn from ITaP Video & Multimedia Production Services may be able to digitize VHS video for you (likely for a fee).

ITaP Video & Multimedia Production Services contact info:

4. Digital Learning Collaboratory (DLC)

The Digital Learning Collaboratory works with instructors and students to process multi-media such as video. They should be able to convert VHS video to digital format.

Digital Learning Collaboratory (DLC) contact info:

–Education IT, edit@purdue.edu

[ See also: Video Recording Options @ Purdue ]