Education IT Server Policy

Due to staffing limitations, and for the sake of fulfilling our obligation to maintain existing Education IT infrastructure, we are unable to accept any new server responsibilities.  However, the good news is that ITaP can provide server resources by subscription and the Education IT team would be more than happy to assist you in contacting ITaP to acquire their services.  If existing COE resources cannot meet your need, we will do all we can to help you locate services to meet your needs (note that you will need to fund them).  Thank you for your understanding our situation.

Need a server?  Check with ITaP first.

o   As a general rule, anyone who thinks they may need their own dedicated server should contact ITaP to see if ITaP can accommodate the need.  ITaP has many server resources that can be used for academic research and projects.  We highly recommend them!

The ITaP Infrastructure Group has a Request for Services Form that can be found here.

Someone in ITaP may already be running the server application you need, so check with the Teaching and Learning Technologies group (TLT) and the Instructional Development Center (IDC).

Also, please consult the EdIT Grant Proposal Pre-Submission Technology Questionnaire.

Who should fund a server?

o   If a PI is conceptualizing a long term project that involves the use of proprietary Internet or network resources dedicated to a project or grant, the PI may need server resources.  If a project/grant requires any of the following, then server resources will need to be funded :

  • Large amounts of network and storage space
  • Proprietary server software or web applications / web databases
  • High volume of network traffic
  • Server resources that require extensive administration such as management of user-accounts, access control, specialized programming and use of web deliverable technologies
  • A web presence with a unique hostname. (“”)
  • Resources beyond the basic resources already provided by the COE

o   ITaP should be able to provide you with server resources.

o   IT staff may need to be hired and/or IT support services may need to be outsourced.

When should server funding and staffing issues be considered for a grant?

o   Before the grant proposal is written the PI should research all issues and count all costs related to network and Internet needs for the grant.  Project server / storage costs and technical staffing needs should be written into the grant from the early conceptualization stages of the grant proposal.  The Education IT team would be happy to consult with you.

o   See the EdIT Grant Proposal Pre-Submission Technology Questionnaire.

Who is responsible for purchasing a server for my grant?

o   The grant PI is responsible for all costs associated with grant activities including direct and indirect costs related to networked server hardware purchases, software purchases, server maintenance and repair, backup implementation, and ongoing technical staff needs.  We recommend that you outsource your server or web application development + hosting needs from ITaP.

Who is responsible for hiring staff to maintain my server?

o   The grant PI should write funding into the grant proposal for computer consulting and technical staffing needed to maintain all technical aspects of the project if the project is highly complex and requires servers or computer programming .  We strongly recommend that you contact ITaP prior to submitting your grant to locate server resources needed by the project.  ITaP can provide a dedicated server for a fee, but in most cases a dedicated server is unnecessary and ITaP can provide specific resources to the project on an as-needed basis, such as file storage space or web application development + hosting.  There are also many third party Internet service providers that can provide networked resources.  The PI should hire a technical consultant with sufficient skills to assess and address issues such as: security, and disaster recovery.

Who is responsible for ensuring security updates are installed on my server?

o   A PI is responsible for ensuring that security issues are rigorously monitored and networked resources are secure.  ITaP can provide these services for you if you use their server and application development resources.

Who is responsible for backing up my server?

o   A PI is responsible for ensuring that planning and implementation of a backup and disaster recovery mechanism exists for the server. ITaP can provide these services for you if you use their server resources.

Who is liable if my grant server is hacked and used for illegal purposes?

o   The university may be held liable for legal and financial costs associated with the illegal use of a server or web application.  Damages that may result if the project server or web application is hacked and/or hijacked to perform criminal acts.

o   To Quote from Purdue University’s Prof. Gene Spafford:

  • “Think about it from a university standpoint. Disclosure of admissions, grade, or internal data could result in huge national embarrassment (witness what happened to IU), large lawsuits against the university (e.g., exposure of sensitive student information), loss of research and gift dollars, fines from credit card companies (for inadequate protection of credit card information) or even criminal sanctions (e.g., release of health information covered under HIPPA).‘A feature rich environment’ that puts the university at additional risk for all of these is not a good choice if there are better
    alternatives. You may have confidence in your ability to avoid
    problems, but I would really like to keep everyone on campus from
    being the subject of a 60 minutes piece or the like, and not everyone
    has the skills or background to handle all the ‘features’ adequately.”

What servers are already available for my grant to use?

o   The COE currently has a secure file server which can be used by small and temporary grant projects to share project data.  See: EdIT Grant Proposal Pre-Submission Technology Questionnaire  (PDF)

o   ITaP has a SharePoint server, Exchange server, and Adobe Connect server for workgroup collaboration.

o   ITaP provides 500 MB of career account disk space that can be used for PHP enabled web sites.  See

Can I add a non-Purdue domain name to an COE departmental server?

o   Non-Purdue domain names are not supported on COE servers.  We use Purdue departmental domain names only.  If a faculty member requires a non-Purdue domain/host name, the faculty member should acquire an off-site dedicated server for the project or contract with a commercial ISP and purchase a domain name from an ICANN-accredited registrar.  The Purdue webmaster ( may also be able to help.  Departmental servers are for academic and COE academic and business use, and to that end the servers have domain names associated with our departments only.  Our servers are not designed for non-Purdue domains.

What COE servers are available for my personal faculty/staff web site?

o   The COE provides faculty and staff with web space on the SharePoint server.

o   ITaP also provides career account disk space that can be used for Web and PHP enabled web sites.  See

What services can Education IT provide to my grant project?

o   We can provide limited technical and creative consulting.  Creating, hosting, maintaining and administrating individual project servers or applications is outside the scope of our mission and our financial and technical capabilities.  However, we will be happy to meet with you and to help you plan and find resources for your project server needs.

o   Please See: EdIT Grant Proposal Pre-Submission Technology Questionnaire  (PDF)

–Education IT,