Software for your personally owned computer equipment

Dear Education Community,

Purdue has new pricing and a new online purchasing system for software that you can use on your personally owned computer equipment.  Purdue Faculty, Staff and Students are eligible to purchase the software.  To access the online software store, please navigate to the following link, scroll to the bottom, and select, “Purchase as Individual (Kivuto – formerly e-academy)”:

Purdue Licensed Software

Thank you.

–Education IT

Blackboard Learn 9 Resources

The Purdue ITaP Academic Technologies Group has created a web page with Blackboard Learn resources.  if you’re just getting started or if you need help with advanced fetures, please see this page:

Faculty Resources for Blackboard Learn

ITaP Academic Technologies Consulting:

Phone: 49-63257
Request a consultation:

The Purdue Instructional Development Center has also posted Blackboard videos on YouTube here:

Blacboard YouTube Videos

For example, here is a video showing how you can easily upload a video into the new Purdue Kaltura streaming video system via Blackboard Learn:

Uploading Media through Kaltura

If you need a personal consultation regarding Blackboard, you can contact Blackboard support staff using this contact info:

Phone: 49-63257

Ongoing Blackboard training sessions can be located here:

Blackboard Learn Training

The main Purdue Blackboard login page can be found here:

Log into Blacboard…

Thank you and happy semester!  🙂

–Education IT

Make Mutli-point Telephone Calls

If you need to make a multi-point telephone call (up to 6-way) from a Purdue phone, here’s how you can do it…

1. You can call the operator and the operator can assist you in making a multi-point phone call at no charge (up to 6 parties).  First, dial zero to reach the operator and let them know you need to make a call with up to 6 numbers.  Then you’ll need to give the operator the phone numbers that you want to call.  If there are long distance numbers, you’ll also need to give the operator your MURS number.  The operator will make the calls for you immediately and charge your MURS number for any phone numbers that are long distance.  You can make use of this service at any time.

 2. All Purdue phones can make six way calls, but it requires a feature activation from the phone office.  There is a one-time $10.00 activation fee to enable the phone to make 6 way calls, and then there are no additional charges for this service other than normal long distance charges.  For more info about 6-way calls, see:

“6 party conference – available on all sets, but must be an assigned software feature, contact 44719 to arrange to have this on your phone”

 3. When there are only three end-points, conference calls can be made directly from any phone.  Here is a link to the phone user guide that shows how…


Allows you to add a third party to an existing conversation.

 To conference with a third party off-campus . . .

 Advise caller that you are adding an additional party to the call and ask them to hold


(listen for special dial tone)

 KEY IN desired number (remember to include7 for off campus, 8 for SUVON, etc., before the desired number.)

(listen for ringing)1

Announce conference privately 3


Three way conference is established

 1FLASH twice to return to original caller if busy or no answer

2If party refuses conference, ask them to hang up: WAIT. You are automatically reconnected to the original party

3If party refuses conference, ask them to hang up: WAIT. FLASH to reconnect to the original party

Note: If both conference callers are off-campus, in some cases, the conference may be disconnected if the on-campus party hangs up.

Purdue IT Security Incident Response

Dear College of Education,

The Education IT team recently attended Purdue IT Security Incident Response training.  Because some of you have access to restricted and/or sensitive Purdue data, we want to communicate our checklist for how we must respond to an IT Security Incident in your area.  We’re sorry for such a long email that follows.  The reality is that there is a lot going on behind the scenes in IT security and Purdue is legally bound by numerous federal, state and local laws to respond to IT security issues.  We feel it is important to pass some information along and keep everyone in the loop.  Please see the following PDF document:

Thank you!

–Education IT (

Contact Education IT First!

Dear College of Education,

If you run into a problem with your College of Education owned computer, printer, laptop, iPad, software, or other technology, or if you have problems with your Purdue career account (e.g. logging into systems after a password change), please to contact the Education IT team first before contacing the central IT group. 

Education IT is your first responder for IT assistance and we work closely with the other IT organizations at Purdue.  By sending your request to or calling us at (765) 494-2658, we’ll help ensure that you get the fastest response to your question or problem.

Thank you and happy computing!  🙂

— Your Education IT Team

Blackboard Learn 9 – Migrate by the end of 2012

Purdue is implementing a new version of Blackboard.  The hope is to have most courses up and running in the new system for the fall 2012 semester, and to have all courses migrated for the spring 2013 semester.  This means that all faculty and instructors have some work to do migrating to, and learning, the new system.  For project details, a video, and training information see:

Video Training – Understanding & Building Your Course

ITaP Overview Video

Project Overview & Training


Thank you.

–Education IT