TaskStream – Announcements

Dear College of Education,

TaskStream has a new login page! You can now login in by going to www.taskstream.com and then clicking “LOGIN” in the upper right corner, or by going directly to login.taskstream.com. You may want to bookmark this new login page to make access easier.

Secondly, TaskStream has upgraded some features. Some of those new or improved features are:

• Enhanced interface for scoring rubrics
Evaluators now have the option to click a cell in a rubric to indicate the performance level for each criterion, rather than selecting the score from a drop-down menu or typing it into the score field, although the latter option remains.

• Rubric weighting now available

Instructors using the total cumulative points option for the final score on a rubric can now add criterion weighting. When evaluators score weighted rubrics, the system shows the weights for each criterion and automatically calculates and displays the total weighted points.

• New rubric display option

When creating a rubric, coordinators may now choose to hide numeric values from evaluators and just display the text performance level label.

New archiving capabilities

TS Coordinators can now archive DRF programs. Archived programs are removed from the list of active programs. Authors enrolled in archived programs will not lose access to their DRF and the content therein.

•  New Evaluation Grid filtering options
Evaluators and Evaluation Managers can now choose to view only those Authors for whom evaluations were completed within a specified date range, or those Authors with activity in the previous six months.

•  Changes to video streaming
Videos uploaded for evaluation in a DRF program are now streamed only prior to evaluation. Once the evaluation of the video is submitted, the file reverts to the original file upload and can be downloaded for viewing.

As we move into the semester, here are some things to consider to help the semester run smoothly:

•  If you have never used TaskStream, if this is the first time that you have taught a particular course that uses TaskStream, or if you need help send an email to edit@purdue.edu indicating what course you are teaching, and if you have a TaskStream account already.

•  If you are teaching a Block III, or initial methods course (for secondary programs), send edit@purdue.edu your course roster so that all of your students can be verified that they are in the proper group or so that you can receive a self-enrollment code to distribute to your students.

•  Ensure that all of your TAs have accounts and have logged into TaskStream. Make sure that students can see their instructors’ names to submit their work. If a TA does not have an account, please have the TA email edit@purdue.edu and include their full name and what course they will be teaching.

•  Tell students to log in early in the semester. We recommend a “low stakes” assignment, due sometime around the second month of the semester to ensure all students have accounts created and that they can see their instructor within the system.

•  Review your assignments for accuracy prior to, or during, the first month of the semester. Also verify that the evaluation method or rubric is accurate, and that you are actually using a rubric that has been reviewed by Dr. Frisbie and conforms to the Teacher Education common rubric format.

•  Be realistic in the assignment parameters. EdIT is unable to provide detailed answers for students with regard to CREATING digital video content. We can help with getting compressed video files inside TaskStream, as well as providing resources in the TRC and labs, but the students need to master the tools and creation of the video.

•  Use the Assessment Tools Coordinator (edit@purdue.edu) as a resource to come and speak to your class. Many questions and problems can be addressed with a brief, 20 minute, presentation or question and answer period.

The above items address the majority of faculty and TA related issues.  There is also information for students found here:


Also, please look at the expanded TaskStream FAQ found here:


There you will find information that will help both you and your students. Included in the updated content are tutorials for creating digital video content using Windows Movie Maker.

Thank you for all of your effort in this important part of the Teacher Education program. As always, if you have any questions, contact us at edit@purdue.edu .

— Education IT