TaskStream – Info for Evaluators

Information for Evaluators (faculty, instructors, teaching assistants, university supervisors)

1. How can I review my program’s DRF Template and/or Roster?

You can review your program’s DRF template (including requirements, rubrics and evaluation methods) using the steps found in this PDF document:

How to view the full details of a DRF template

You can review your program’s Roster (i.e. students who have been enrolled in the program) using the steps found in this PDF document:

How to view the roster for a TaskStream program

2. This is my first time using Taskstream, what should I do?

(1) Create your account. Purdue Teacher Education faculty and teaching assistants are eligible for free TaskStream accounts while actively teaching. To request your faculty and teaching assistant TaskStream account, please send an email to edit@purdue.edu . Once you have your account, please contact edit@purdue.edu again to ensure you are enrolled into the correct TaskStream Program as an evaluator.

(2) Request a Self-Enrollment Code to distribute to your students.  This enables them to enroll in your “TaskStream Program” so they can locate you and submit work to you.  (Alternatively, have them contact the Assessment Tools Coordinator at edit@purdue.edu to ask to be enrolled in their TaskStream program … have them tell us which program they need. A list of self-enrollment codes can also be found here)

(3) Teaching Assistants:  If there are teaching assistants in the course, please ensure that all TAs have created accounts and have logged into TaskStream as soon as possible early in the semester!  If a TA does not have an account, please have them email edit@purdue.edu and include their full name, along with the TaskStream program name that they need to be enrolled in.  Faculty should contact the Assessment Tools Coordinator and authorize their TA’s by name so we know who is a legitimate TA before providing the free account.

(4) Request training if necessary.  Please feel free to contact the Assessment Tools Coordinator at edit@purdue.edu to request training.  The Assessment Tools Coordinator can provide you with a basic overview of the system in about 20 minutes. Many questions and issues, such as how to create/use a rubric and how to evaluate your students’ work, can be addressed.  Group sessions are available.

(5) Please ask your students to create their TaskStream accounts at the beginning of the semester.  Don’t let them wait until the last minute!  It will help if students familiarize themselves with the system and verify that they are enrolled in the correct TaskStream “Program” so they can locate you.  Please don’t wait until dead week or finals week to urge your students to complete their TaskStream assignments!

A diagram of the overall TaskStream process is listed in the following PDF file:  TaskStream Process Diagram (PDF)

3. How do I evaluate a student’s artifact?

Please note that standard evaluators will not see their student’s name in the list of students with work waiting to be evaluated until the students submit their work to you.  So if a student does not appear in your list, they have not yet submitted their work to you.

Click here for a PDF document describing how to evaluate student work.

Watch the video tutorial showing how to evaluate student work here:

If the video above does not play in your browser, click here.

4. Why does it look like I don’t have any students?

For a student to appear in your roster in TaskStream, they have to associate themselves with you.  This happens when they submit their assignment to you.  If the student has not submitted anything to you, you will not see them in your list.

A diagram of the overall TaskStream process is listed in the following PDF file:  TaskStream Process Diagram (PDF)

5. A student that I have previously evaluated has disappeared from my list; how do I get them back?

By default, the “evaluation” list only shows students who have artifacts that need to be evaluated. To show all of your students, select “All Individuals” before you look at the list. If the student’s account has gone inactive, you will need to check the box to “include inactive subscribers.” Another reason a student may not show up is if they do not have any TaskStream activity in the last six months. To include them, you will need to select “Any Time Period” instead of the default “Activity within last 6 months” under “Select time slicing options.” You can also search for a student individually if they do not show up on your evaluation grid.

6. How do I change / cancel an evaluation that I’ve already given to a student? How can a student change their work after it has been turned in to me?

Click here for a PDF document describing how to cancel an evaluation. 
Click here for a PDF document describing how a student changes the work after it has been submitted.

7. How do I see the roster of students who are enrolled in my program?

If you would like to see the roster of enrolled authors, you can follow these steps:

1. Log into TaskStream – https://login.taskstream.com

2. On the home screen, go to the Evaluator tab

3. Click your program name (e.g. “Science Education Spring 2012+”)

4. On the right, in the “Program Links” section, click “Roster”

5. In the “Full Program Roster” page that appears, click “Authors”

6. If you see any missing students, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.