Taskstream – Self-Enrollment Codes

About Self-Enrollment Codes

Dear Teacher Education Program Students,

Before you can locate your programs and courses within Taskstream to submit your work, you will need to ensure that you are enrolled in the correct Taskstream program.

Below is a link to a Taskstream Program Map PDF document that you can use to locate the enrollment code corresponding to your program.

TaskStream Program Map with Self-Enrollment Codes (PDF)

These codes are not for creating your account; you must use a credit card to purchase your subscription. Once you have an active account, then you can use the program enrollment code to enroll yourself in your program using the steps found here:

1. Log in to your Taskstream account.
2. From the bottom of the home page, click the Enter Code button. TaskStream Enrollment

3. Enter your enrollment code and follow the prompts to confirm enrollment.
4. The program should appear in your list of Taskstream programs.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!

–Education IT (edit@purdue.edu)