Dear edTPA Students,

Hello!  This is the Purdue landing page for technology resources you will needed to complete your edTPA submission.

Registration and Submission

TaskStream is Purdue’s edTPA platform Provider.  Please review the following steps that will be required for registering AND successfully submitting your portfolio to Pearson:

  1. Register with Pearson!  Review the following web page which shows the steps for: (a) registering for edTPA with Taskstream as your integrated platform provider, and (b) transferring your edTPA portfolio from Taskstream to Pearson for evaluation:
  2. Get Enrolled in TaskStream!  Once you have registered for edTPA and selected Taskstream as your “Integrated Platform Provider,” please forward your edTPA authorization key confirmation email to EdIT@purdue.edu to be enrolled in your respective edTPA program within Taskstream.  Here is a PDF document showing what we need.  Once you are enrolled in Taskstream, you can begin completing your edTPA portfolio there.

Video Requirements

This page contains information about how to process your edTPA video(s) so both TaskStream and Pearson can accept them.

Video Length

In general, your video(s) should be no longer than 15 minutes in length.  However, each program can have unique requirements, so we recommend that you “Read your edTPA handbook carefully to note the limits on length of clips and the teaching and learning emphasis for your subject area. NOTE: These limits may differ for Tasks 2 and 3.” — Support Guide for edTPA Candidates

Video Editing

You video(s) must be unedited.  However, you can crop the video(s) at specific begin and end points, and adjust the length of the video.  But you cannot break the video(s) into multiple clips and splice them together.

Video File

The file size of your video(s) must be less than 500 MB in size, so you must compress / shrink your video(s) to less than 500 MB.

Video File Formats

Approved video file formats are:  .flv,  .asf,  .qt,  .mov,  .mpg,  .mpeg,  .avi,  .wmv,  .mp4,  and .m4v.  We recommend MP4 video file format.

Video Consent Forms

Be sure to get consent forms from parents (or verify that the school has a blanket consent form) whenever students appear in your video(s).   See: Guidelines for Video Confidentiality for Candidates

General Video Advice

We encourage all students to:

  1. Set phones and camcorders to record at a quality/size setting of no higher than 720P, if at all possible.  That will create very good quality videos while reducing file sizes.
  2. Use HandBrake to compress video according the HandBrake instructions listed below; and keep the video files as small as possible (under 500 MB!  Remember, large video files will not be accepted by edTPA, and will transfer very slowly over the Internet which can cause buffering delays for the people watching).
  3. When uploading, use a high speed Internet connection to reduce the amount of time it takes to upload video files to TaskStream (and ensure that the video upload does not time out).
  4. After uploading, view your document and verify that both video and audio play correctly when downloading from TaskStream.
  5. Contact Education IT if you need video compression assistance:  edit@purdue.edu.

Documentation from edTPA