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No Access To SharePoint? BOILERAD\

When logging into any COE SharePoint site, please prefix…


…to your username. And then use your regular password (not BoilerKey). VPN is NOT required to access SharePoint.

BOILERAD\ is all caps, and use a backslash “\” (not a forward slash “/”).

For example, if my username is “leaf” then to log into SharePoint, I would use the following for my username: BOILERAD\leaf

If you are re-prompted for username and password, or asked for a reason why you need access, be sure to prefix BOILERAD\ to your username.

If you still have problems…


You may need to close your browser completely and try again with a newly launched browser. Or try a different browser. For Mac users, we are recommending the use of Safari for SharePoint. Mac users should ensure that older account information is not cached in the Apple keychain.


Still not working? You probably need to clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

Some browsers have a “time range” selection for clearing cache and cookies. If the browser you’re using has a time range, please choose “All time” (Google Chrome) or “Everything” (Firefox) or “all history” (Safari) or equivalent. After doing that, restart the computer and try again, or close the browser completely and try again with a newly launched browser.


Please let us know how it goes. If you are unable to access a site, please send email to EdIT@purdue.edu. Thank you!

P.S. “BOILERAD” stands for “Boiler Active Directory” which is a back-end system that Purdue uses to authenticate people.

EndNote Web – Cite While You Write

The Purdue Libraries has a license for “EndNote Web – Cite While You Write” which is an online bibliographic database that interfaces with Microsoft Word via a downloadable plug-in. 

For more information see:




Video overview:


Libraries web site:


–Education IT

Graduate Activity Reporting Tool

Dear Graduate Students,

The College of Education Graduate Studies Office is currently collecting research information from graduate students via the Graduate Activity Reporting Tool:

Graduate Activity Reporting Tool

You’ll need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser to use the system.  

When you save an item in GART you should be able to see the item right away in a list just below the form to add the item.  If you scroll down, you should see the list of all the items you have saved.  If your item does not seem to be saving correctly, there could be a couple of things happening:

1. The system may not allow an item to be saved if some fields are not completed, or if some fields have an invalid value.  For example, if text is entered where a dollar amount is expected; or if a date field has the default “MM/DD/YYYY” text in it.  If this is the case, red text should appear next to the field indicating invalid field data when the “Save Record” button is clicked.

2. If the vertical resolution of your browser or computer/laptop is small you may not see the list of items at the bottom.  If you scroll down, they should be there.  The items in the list are sorted by date. 

If you have any problems with the system, please contact us at edit@purdue.edu

Thank you!

–Education IT