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Please feel free to contact us with questions regarding information technology.  We provide services such as: technology consultation/think tanking, video-conferencing, computer lab scheduling, hardware/software specs, software installation, computer upgrades/maintenance, web authoring assistance, email help, employee candidate skills assessment, etc.

10 Things New People Need To Know

To aid faculty in the process of writing grant proposals that include a technology component, we have developed a grant proposal pre-submission technology questionnaire. Please consider this document as you begin to prepare your proposal.


Education Office of Information Technology

General Contact Information

Education IT Email (preferred) edit@purdue.edu
Education IT Web Site https://www.education.purdue.edu/edit
Education IT Web Request Form https://www.education.purdue.edu/ithelp
Education IT Phone  765-494-2658 or 765-494-2659
Teaching Resource Center Web Site http://www.trc.purdue.edu
Teaching Resource Center Email trc@purdue.edu
Teaching Resource Center Phone  765-494-5677

Our team shares a common help desk system, so when you send email to edit@purdue.edu, the entire team can see and determine how to respond to your request.  This is the quickest way to bring something to the attention of the IT team.

Education IT Team

Robert Evans Director,
Office of Information Technology
BRNG 6129 765-496-1819 bob@purdue.edu
Mike Harrington Coordinator of User Services BRNG 6154 765-494-0944 edit@purdue.edu
Ted Fondak IT Technician, Lead BRNG 6155 765-494-2659 edit@purdue.edu
Joshua Anderson IT Technician, Lead BRNG 6131 765-494-2658 edit@purdue.edu
Ye Shi Administrative
Database Developer GA
BRNG 6139 765-494-3416 edit@purdue.edu

Looking for help with Watermark rubrics & assessments?


Office of Strategic Assessment and Accreditation


Purdue University IT Resource Policies

College of Education IT Resource Policies


  • Departmental File Servers — share files & printers
  • Office 365: OneDrive, Office Productivity apps, etc.
  • Qualtrics Survey System — create online surveys
  • Assessment Portal — Online Assessment System for Key Assessments
  • Brightspace — learning management system supported by TLT
  • Purdue Wireless Networks — “PAL3.0” and “eduroam”
  • COE Windows Lab — 16 Windows Workstations, BRNG 3157
  • COE Windows Lab — 13 Windows Workstations, BRNG 3295
  • Teaching Resource Center — Education library and equipment checkout; plus computer workstations in BRNG 3287
  • Videoconferencing facilities — BRNG 3272 as well as portable systems

Purdue IT and Email:

Purdue IT is Purdue’s Information Technology organization that maintains the technology infrastructure @ Purdue.  The Education IT is locally embedded part of Purdue IT that provides support to the College of Education.  For more information about the Purdue IT organization, see: http://www.it.purdue.edu

The Purdue Exchange server is the central email/calendaring server for Purdue faculty and staff.  If you don’t have email yet, please contact Education IT ASAP.

Off campus access to web and email:

COE web sites and Mailing Lists of Interest:

College of Education http://www.education.purdue.edu/
Department of Curriculum & Instruction http://www.edci.purdue.edu/
Department of Educational Studies http://www.edst.purdue.edu/
Information Technology Services http://www.education.purdue.edu/edit
Teaching Resource Center http://trc.purdue.edu/
COE Staff and Faculty Mailing List COE-L@purdue.edu
COE Faculty Mailing List COEFACULTY@purdue.edu
C & I Staff and Faculty Mailing List CI-L@purdue.edu
EDST Staff and Faculty Mailing List EDST-L@purdue.edu
Personal Software Purchases http://it.purdue.edu/shopping/software