Frequently Asked General Questions

General Questions

Q: Does Purdue have an Online Survey System that I can use?
A: Yes, Purdue has licensed a professional survey system named “Qualtrics” which all faculty, staff, students can use.  Click here for more information.

Q: Where can I get help with creating digital content for my course?
A: Check out the Innovative Learning group

Q: What are my video recording options @ Purdue?
A: See the video recoding options web page

Q: What are my options for digitizing analog video?
A: See the digitizing analog video web page

Q: What can I do about spam?
A: (1) Use the central Purdue spam filter, and (2) use Outlook Junk Mail filters to block inappropriate email

Q: What do I need to do to prepare for a new computer in my office?
A: Please read this before we make the switch!!!

Q: My printer needs repair, who do I call?
A: Please contact us for information about vendors that can repair printers.

Q: Where can I get toner cartridges?
A: Please contact us for the latest ordering information.

Q: What is the Microsoft Campus Agreement?
Microsoft Campus Agreement — Microsoft software for Purdue and personal use

Distance Education

Q: What is Brightspace?
A: Brightspace is online learning management system. 

Q: What lab resources does the College have?
A: The College of Education  has a student lab used by EDCI 270 students and Teacher Education programs.  The TRC also has computers for Teacher Education students to use

Q: What lab resources does Purdue have?
A: Click here for Purdue lab info

Q: What videoconferencing resources does the COE have?
A: The Education IT team maintains H.323 video conferencing equipment, a videoconferecning facility in BRNG, and can facilitate Adobe Connect and Skype sessions for faculty.  Please send email to to request assistance.