About Us

Purdue IT in Education is an embedded team of information technology professionals who specialize in empowering the science of Education through information technology.

Our Mission: Leverage the world-class resources of Purdue IT to facilitate and sustain a highly efficient and effective technology infrastructure that will facilitate the strategic goals of the College of Education.

Overview: Our functions are diverse. We are technical and creative consultants, facilitators, implementers, troubleshooters, presenters, one-on-one trainers, server administrators, and data stewards. We support hundreds computers and mobile devices, along with printers, servers, instructional computing facilities, distance education technologies, web technologies, administrative databases, assessment technologies, and all users and departments and centers within in the College of Education @ Purdue University.  We work closely with faculty and staff members as creative consultants to provide ideas and information about new technology opportunities in education. We continually acquire and evaluate new technologies that can be integrated into learning, research and engagement environments.

Our team provides hardware support for all College of Education computers including: specifications for new equipment, repair of defective equipment, and upgrades for our infrastructure.

Purdue IT in Education develops and maintains databases for College of Education Administrative and Academic Services areas. We maintain databases and web interfaces for the Office of Field Experiences, the Office of Professional Preparation and Licensure, the Graduate Studies Office, the Teaching Resource Center, the Office of Strategic Assessment and Accreditation.  Examples of our work include: the online TEP Online Application, the online Student Teaching Application, and the TEP Assessment Portal.

We work closely with the Office of Strategic Assessment and Accreditation to provide technology assistance tools used by the Purdue Teacher Education Program.

We provide full support for College of Education facilities and centers including the Science Education lab, the Educational Technology Research lab, the Psychometric Research lab, the Teaching Resource Center, the Ackerman Center, the Purdue Counseling and Guidance Center, and more.

Purdue IT in Education supports College of Education videoconferencing equipment and provides training and assistance with central Purdue licensed systems such as Teams, WebEx, and Zoom.  We encourage and support collaborative initiatives in many contexts.

We serve as embedded liaisons to/from Purdue IT as well as other IT offices, departments, and teams on and off campus.

Whether in a consultation role, a creative or research role, a troubleshooting role, or simply sustaining vital core infrastructure, Purdue IT in Education wishes to make your computing experience as successful and anxiety free as possible! If you have technology questions feel free to: contact us via email (edit@purdue.edu) or call (765-494-2658).

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