*Changed Your Password Lately?

When you need to change your Purdue Career Account password, here’s how and what to do (perhaps print this page):

1. Close all programs on your office computer(s) and place ALL your portable / home devices in airplane mode

Note: If you are going to change your password using a mobile device, then do not place that mobile device in airplane mode as you will need an Internet connection to change your password.  😊

2. Go to this web page to change your password:

(log in with your current password)

3. Log off or restart your office computer immediately after changing your password to avoid being locked out due to a cached password.

4. Wait about 2 minutes before logging back into your office computer while your new password is propagated to all Purdue systems.  Then log back into your office computer.

5. MOBILE DEVICES: Update your Purdue password for both Wi-Fi and Email on each of your mobile devices and other computers to prevent your account from being locked out.

Mobile devices that automatically check and receive email using an old cached password — at home and at work — can lock your account.  This can happen even when you are not using the device… if it is configured to automatically check and receive email.  For example, if you change your Purdue password while on campus, and you also have an iPad at home that is configured to automatically receive email, then the iPad at home will most likely lock your account repeatedly throughout the day until the email password is updated on the iPad. Your best bet is to place all mobile devices and laptops in airplane mode and then update cached passwords for both Wi-Fi and Email — device by device — until all passwords are updated.

Also remember that passwords that are cached or “remembered” on web sites and web browsers (such as email web portals) can also cause lockouts.  And…network storage that connects automatically via a saved password can also cause lockouts.  Creating an itemized list of all the devices, settings, programs, servers and web sites where you have “cached,” “saved,” or “remembered” your password is the best place to start BEFORE changing your password.

Devices where you should update your Purdue password:

  1. Smart Phone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, etc.) –> Change password for Wi-Fi and Email
  2. Tablet (iPad, Android, Windows Tablet, etc.) –> Change password for Wi-Fi and Email
  3. Media Player / iPod –> Change password for Wi-Fi and Email
  4. Laptop –> Change password for Wi-Fi and Email
  5. Macintosh computers and all Apple Devices –> Change password for Wi-Fi and Email
    • Delete saved passwords in your Apple “keychain” for all Purdue accounts and network file servers you connect to.
    • From Apple: “If a user has checked “Remember this password in my keychain”, they will need to open Keychain Access (in /Applications/Utilities/), locate the keychain entry for that server, and delete it.”
      For help with the Apple Keychain see: http://edit.education.purdue.edu/download2/Delete-Password-From-Apple-Keychain.pdf
  6. Other computers (at home and other places) –> Wi-Fi and Email
    • If you have any programs, such as Email, Outlook, Web Browsers, etc., that cache / save / remember passwords, these will need to be updated.

If you’re having trouble logging into a specific networked IT resource, changing your password may help solve the problem.