How To Purchase A Printer

Are you looking to purchase a printer with Purdue funds?

Purdue University currently has in place a “Copy/Print” initiative with the goal of consolidating printing resources where possible and becoming more cost effective and efficient.  All new printer purchases must be routed through Purdue’s procurement services to identify the business need for the printer and “right-size” it to the need.  As part of the Purdue-wide Strategic Sourcing Initiative, the Purdue Procurement department requires all users who want to purchase a printer to answer the questions in the questionnaire linked to the page below:

Copy/Print Device Questionnaire

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Purdue Procurement Printer Program Overview

If you are in the College of Education, please let the Education IT team know if you are interested in requesting a new printer.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Education IT:

If you are from a different College or administrative area, please contact your local IT for additional assistance.

Thank you.

–Education IT