Mailing Lists — Get Signed Up!

College of Education Email Distribution Lists

Dear COE Email Users (faculty, staff, students, and guests),

We are glad to have you on email and hope you will read your email daily. The COE has several internal email distribution lists that are the basis for a great deal of communication within the COE. Please feel free to make use of these valuable tools to communicate with your colleagues regarding Purdue and College of Education business.

As a common courtesy, please use our mailing lists for Purdue/College related business and do not send non-Purdue and/or personal communication to our lists.

There are several important distribution lists that will help you stay in contact with the COE community…

Faculty should be subscribed to COE-L, COEFACULTY (for voting faculty and TEP affiliates), and your Departmental List). Contact your departmental head secretary if you are not subscribed to a list.

Staff should be subscribed to COE-L, COESTAFF and your Departmental List). Contact your departmental head secretary and/or supervisor if you are not subscribed to a list.

Students should subscribe themselves to the appropriate student lists (COEGRAD, TeachEd, or TEPurdue). See below for details.

Guests should request access to various lists by directly contacting deans or department heads.

Please use our lists to share College related announcements, successes, questions, and any important Purdue communication that you may need to disseminate to the EDU community. Once you are subscribed to a mailing list, simply send email to the list address and your message will be distributed to everyone in the corresponding subscription list. The top-tier College mailing lists are:

List Address Subscription Info (click link to request subscription) The main College of Education mailing list — all Education faculty, staff, and some guests Education faculty only — voting faculty members or faculty members directly and actively affiliated with the College of Education or the Purdue Teacher Education Program Education staff only Department of Educational Studies mailing list — all EDST faculty, staff, guests Department of Curriculum & Instruction mailing list — all EDCI faculty, staff, guests COE Graduate Student mailing list — primarily targeted for residential graduate students.  For details, contact the Education Office of Graduate Studies: General information for candidates in Teacher Education Programs (both undergraduate and graduate students). For details, contact: This list is used to officially communicate to candidates enrolled in the Teacher Education Program and to students in Exploratory Studies who may be interested in Teacher Education at Purdue. Critical communications from OTEL, OCP and other offices conducting official Teacher Education business only. For details, contact: The TEPurdue2 list serve is reserved for graduate-level education students whose academic program leads to and concludes with an Indiana Initial Instructional License, an addition to an existing Indiana Instructional License, and/or an Administrative Level License. Individuals will subscribe upon receipt of a Transcript Evaluation and Credential Review and as directed by graduate faculty. For details, contact: Academic Services Offices Teacher Education Program Coordinators.  Administered by OTEL: Teacher Education Advisors.  Administered by the Office of Advising and Recruiting:
Other Additional mailing lists may be administered by offices and individuals in the College of Education. Please contact offices/individuals directly for more information.


  • All distribution lists — except COEGRAD, TEPURDUE & TEACHED — are closed, meaning that subscription is given by special permission only (users cannot self-subscribe).
  • Only the subscribers of a given list can send email to the list.
  • COE-L is typically not available to graduate students unless they also hold regular Purdue staff positions.
  • COEFACULTY is open to voting faculty members or faculty members directly and actively affiliated with the College of Education or the Purdue Teacher Education Program. This list is not intended for students, limited term teaching staff, visiting scholars, or non-faculty instructors.
  • Subscription to EDST-L or CI-L must be authorized by the head of the respective department.
  • All COE-L subscribers may send email to COEGRAD without being subscribed to COEGRAD.
  • The TEACHED & TEPURDUE lists are moderated by OTEL.
  • Departments and Offices may have other internal lists that you may need to subscribe to. Please check with your departmental main office and/or supervisor for details.
  • Subscription to AS-L must be authorized by an Academic Services director.
  • Check your SPAM QUARANTINE digests for messages sent to Purdue mailing lists!!!

If you (or someone you know) are not subscribed to a needed distribution list, please contact your department or supervisor immediately so we can get you in the email loop.

If you need to create an email distribution list, see the Purdue IT instructions for creating an email distribution list.

If you have any questions related to COE email distribution lists, please send mail to, or use our web request form found at

Thank you.

–Education Office of Information Technology