MediaSpace videos not playing in IE

If you are trying to access videos on the Purdue MediaSpace streaming video server using Internet Explorer (IE) and the videos are not playing, please see the following PDF document that should help resolve the problem:

If the steps in the above PDF do not work, you may want to try using Firefox.  If the video does not play in Firefox, please be sure that the “Adobe Flash” plugin is enabled in Firefox (see screenshot on page two of the above PDF).

Thank you and happy computing!

— Education IT (

How To Use The LCD Projectors In BRNG Conference Rooms

Dear College of Education,

Ceiling mounted projectors have been installed in BRNG 4180, BRNG 5180 and BRNG 6115.  The three projectors are now fully operational.  We have placed a laminated instruction sheet in each room to assist those who need help getting started with the projectors.  Here is a link to the PDF version of the instruction sheet:

Also, the “snake” that contains all the wiring includes the following connectors:   

  • 15-pin VGA video connector
  • Ethernet network
  • Grounded power
  • 1/8” audio plug (plays through the projector)

If anyone has questions about or problems with the projectors, please have them contact the Education IT team. 

Onward and upward!

–Education IT (

Windows Media for Macintosh

Do you have a Macintosh and need to view streaming video that is in a Windows Media format (such as a WMV video file)?  No problem!  You can use free software from Microsoft called “Windows Media Components for QuickTime”.  Below is a link where you can obtain the software, along with requirements and features…

Windows Media Components for QuickTime
(download and install this software on your Mac)

System requirements

– Intel or PowerPC G4 and G5
– Mac OS X version 10.4 or later
– QuickTime version 7.0 or later (for free Player)
– QuickTime Pro version 7.0 or later (for exporting movies in Player Pro, Studio, Studio Pro and Studio Pro HD)

***Playback features:

Supported audio codecs

– Windows Media Audio 9
– Windows Media Audio 9 Professional
– Windows Media Audio 9 Lossless
– ISO MPEG Layer 3 (MP3)
– Microsoft G.726
– Microsoft IMA ADPCM
– Microsoft G.711 aLaw
– Microsoft G.711 uLaw
– Microsoft ADPCM

Supported video codecs

– Windows Media Video 9
– Windows Media Video 9 Advanced (VC-1)
– Windows Media Video 8
– Windows Media Video 7
– ISO MPEG-4, versions 1.0 and 1.1
– Microsoft MPEG-4, versions 2 and 3
– Microsoft Motion JPEG 

Supported File formats

– Advanced Systems Format (ASF)
– Advanced Stream Redirector (ASX)
– Audio Video Interleaved (AVI)

Supported Network protocols

– MMS Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)