Education Labs, Conference Rooms, and Instructional Facilities

Need to schedule a space? Please see the scheduling contacts for each of the spaces below…

    • BRNG 3123 (Purdue Counseling and Guidance Center Instructional Classroom)
    • BRNG 3157 (Purdue University Psychometric Instruction/Investigation Laboratory)
    • BRNG 3226A (Academic Services Conference Room)
    • BRNG 3287 (Teaching Resource Center)
    • BRNG 3292 (Curriculum and Instruction Instructional Classroom)
    • BRNG 3295  (Learning, Design, and Technology Computer Lab)
    • BRNG 3276 (Curriculum and Instruction Instructional Classroom)
    • BRNG 3299 (Academic Services Conference Room)
    • BRNG 4180 (Curriculum and Instruction Conference Room)
    • BRNG 5180 (Educational Studies Conference Room)
    • BRNG 6104 (Collaboration Room)
    • BRNG 6115 (Dean’s Conference Room)

NOTE:  Printing in the labs is limited to 10 pages per day.  Any print jobs exceeding 10 pages are automatically deleted.