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Dear Teaching Resource Center (TRC) Patrons and Teacher Education Students,

We have added a new feature to the TRC online catalog that will help you locate electronic books (aka eBooks) that correspond to many of the physical materials located in the TRC. The TRC online catalog can be found here:

TRC Online Catalog

When you search for an item in the TRC catalog, such as the popular book The Very Hungry Caterpillar, click on “details,” and then scroll to the bottom to find links to sites such as the “Internet Archive” where many eBooks are available for free electronic access. Just create a free Internet Archive account and begin checking out eBooks that you can read on your laptop or tablet– and take with you when you are out in the schools! (Note that not all TRC books have corresponding free eBooks.)

Also…Purdue Libraries also has numerous books and resources that you can find here:

Children’s Literature: Finding E-Books (a resource from Purdue Libraries)

Children’s Literature: Finding Books at Purdue

Search the Purdue Libraries Catalog for all books in the Children’s Collection

If you have any questions or need to consult with one of our TRC staff members, please email us at TRC@purdue.edu or call us at 765-494-45677.

Thank you!

— TRC Staff

How To Collaborate Online

  1. Email – official Purdue communication
    1. Continue to monitor and respond to emails
  2. Remote desktop – databases and U: drive      
    1. Access your personalized environment and secure resources as usual on your office computer
    1. Access restricted databases with your office computer (e.g. ACAD MS Access databases).
  3. Teams –real-time office chat, video, file sharing (not for classes)
    1. Monitor Teams throughout the day and share internal communications with your office
    2. See: https://edit.education.purdue.edu/download2/Tips-For-Teams.pdf
  4. WebEx – video with people outside of your office
    1. Faculty and staff – 1000 connections
    1. Students – 8 connections
  5. OneDrive (or Box)
    1. share documents with staff and students outside of your office
  6. LMS – Brightspace or Blackboard
    1. Use internal messaging tools to communicate with students

For information about How to Teach Remotely, see:

Teaching Remotely Overview – from Purdue Innovative Learning


WebEx Personal Room – Primer Video

Dear College of Education,

One of the recommendations for delivering content to students is “synchronous” delivery.  The Innovative Learning group recommends using this method sparingly and focusing on recorded content using tools such as Camtasia (free video and screen recording software available to all faculty and staff) in combination with Blackboard and Brightspace.

However…if you do need to conduct live video sessions with students, and are not familiar with WebEx, I’ve created a brief 4 ½ minute video showing how to access and launch your WebEx Personal Room:

Video: WebEx Personal Room Primer


(steps are similar for Mac users)

You can log into WebEx here:


If you need help with WebEx, feel free to contact the Education IT team and we would be happy to meet with you to provide more details (see additional help links at the bottom of this post).  WebEx should work with any laptop or tablet with a built-in camera and microphone.  It also works great on a desktop computer if you have a webcam.  If you need to order a webcam — for WebEx or Camtasia – please contact the Education IT team.

For more about synchronous and asynchronous delivery, see “How will you deliver content?” on this web site:

Teaching Remotely


If you need to install Camtasia on a personally owned computer, you can locate and download the software here:


If you need to install Camtasia on your Purdue-owned computer, please contact the EdIT team and we will install it for you:  EdIT@purdue.edu.

To access or download Webex recordings in the Purdue MediaSpace video system, see this web page:


To download a copy of a video, select the “Edit” option under the “Actions” drop down menu. Once in edit mode, there is an icon at the bottom right of the video window which allows download in .mp4 format. The icon is a folder with a downward pointing arrow.

Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.  Thank you!

— The Education IT team

P.S. Here are instructions from ITaP for using WebEx:


See also from WebEx:


Here is “recording” help from WebEx:


Once recorded, the recording will go into the Purdue Kaltura/Mediaspace system where the video can be shared with others. Log in here to see recordings:


(click “guest” at top right on the mediaspace page to see the login link)

11 Classroom Technology Tips to Help Instructors Speed Up Time to Teaching

From ITaP:

“For instructors, getting the most out of class time often requires uploading presentation materials and priming classroom technology before the start of class. When the clock is ticking, a basic understanding of classroom technology at Purdue and a few best practices can help ensure a seamless transition from pre-class setup to teaching.”

For more information see: