Preparing For Your New Office Computer To Be Installed

If you are in the queue for a new computer, the Education IT team will be coming to your office to install your new computer.  To ensure the smoothest transition possible, we request that you take the following preparatory steps:

  1. Please backup your personal documents (use an external USB hard drive if available). We will be very careful when transferring your documents to your new computer, however, very rarely problems do occur.  We appeal to all users to implement a personal back up strategy for all your professional data! 🙂
  2. Please consolidate all of your personal documents, that you wish us to transfer to the new computer, into your My Documents folder (things like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Data Sets, Media, etc.). You do not need to copy program files, we will install programs for you. All personalized email settings and preferences will be transferred and preserved, including bookmarks, address books, email, etc.
  3. Please leave written instructions for any data or document folders that we should transfer that are not in your My Documents folder.
  4. If you have purchased programs that should be installed, please have disks and licenses available at the time of installation. We are unable to install software that is not legally owned.
  5. Please clear office workspace surrounding your computer and desk. If you have any accessories that you have purchased or attached to your computer such as an anti-glare screen, document holder, special mouse pad, digital camera, or external Firewire/USB device, please remove them from the computer.
  6. Shareware and freeware: Third party shareware or freeware programs are unpredictable and often poorly written. These programs can damage essential system files which are required for the computer to run. For this reason, we will not install or transfer any software that has not been purchased or legally licensed by you or Purdue.

During the installation we will:

  • Install Office productivity and email/Internet software on your new computer.
  • Copy your My Documents, Operating System Profile, and Email profile from the old computer (and perform any written instructions).
  • Set old hardware aside and set up new computer hardware.  NOTE: We will keep the old system as-is for 2 weeks to give you time to verify that all you data has been successfully transferred.
  • Transfer your user files onto the new computer (and perform any written instructions).
  • Configure your printer.

After the installation, you may expect the following:

  • A short training session for using the new computer, if needed.
  • Your old computer will remain in our IT office area for up to 2 weeks while you verify that all files and data have been transferred successfully.
  • Education IT will assist the department with sending old equipment to salvage or transferring to another office.

Thank you for allowing us to serve your technology needs!  If you have any questions please feel free to send us email…

H a p p y   C o m p u t i n g ! ! !

Education Office of Information Technology