Purdue Box FAQ

Where do I log into Purdue Box?

https://purdue.box.com   { log in with Duo }

What Is Purdue Box?

Box is a cloud-based file storage and collaboration service. It provides users with the ability to upload files, securely share them with others, and collaborate effectively. Purdue Box is a Purdue-managed implementation of Box tied to your Purdue email address.

Storage of restricted data in Box requires prior review by Purdue’s IT Security and Policy group. Restricted data storage in Box may also require approval from campus offices and committees responsible for contractual compliance and research regulatory affairs. Restricted data cannot be stored in individual user folders. Controlled research data must be stored in special folder structures governed by policy. Project-specific folders can be provided for approved restricted data uses.

If you are a Purdue researcher with controlled data storage needs, please visit the Research Computing page at https://www.rcac.purdue.edu/services/ or email rcac-help@purdue.edu for more information.

Who is eligible to have a Purdue Box account?

Due to licensing and regulatory restrictions, Purdue Box is only available to currently-active Purdue faculty, staff, and students.

Box accounts are not created in advance. Unless your previously-existing individual account using a Purdue email address was moved to Purdue Box, you will only have a Purdue account if someone shares a file with your Purdue email address or you access Box as part of Purdue University. A Purdue Box account is created for you the first time you do this at https://purdue.box.com.

What features does Purdue Box have compared to my free Box account?

Purdue Box offers a number of enhanced features over free Box accounts.

File Size Upload Limit: Free Account: 250 MB,  Purdue Box Account: 15 GB
Available Storage: Free Account:10 GB, Purdue Box Account: 5,000 GB
Purdue Authentication: Free Account: No, Purdue Box Account: Yes

Can I use Box on a mobile device?

Yes. Box has clients for most mobile devices. Click the Apps link in the Settings menu to see available downloads.

What training is available for Purdue Box?

You can find free Box training at Box.com. Box provides recorded and live tutorials on Box features.

You can also find Box training at the following link:


LinkedIn Learning also has a number of courses on using Box which are free to Purdue faculty and staff. Please visit https://one.purdue.edu and click on “Professional Tutorials” to access LinkedIn Learning as a Purdue faculty or staff member.

For more Purdue Box info, see the Purdue IT Gold Answers : https://purdue.edu/goldanswers/1014020

Last Updated 2/2023

Contact Education IT First!

Dear College of Education,

If you run into a problem with your College of Education owned computer, printer, laptop, iPad, software, or other technology, or if you have problems with your Purdue career account (e.g. logging into systems after a password change), please to contact the Education IT team first before contacing the central IT group. 

Education IT is your first responder for IT assistance and we work closely with the other IT organizations at Purdue.  By sending your request to edit@purdue.edu or calling us at (765) 494-2658, we’ll help ensure that you get the fastest response to your question or problem.

Thank you and happy computing!  🙂

— Your Education IT Team

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A group of information-technology specialists at Purdue University has found a way to beat the heat for a university data center’s two supercomputers. This summer, when temperatures rose and the campus cooling system wasn’t doing enough to bring them down, Purdue’s IT team reined in the clusters’ computing speeds to cut down on the heat the computers were generating.

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