The Education IT Team

The Education IT Team

Business Office Contacts and IT Resources

The College of Education Business office has released information about who on their team supports various services, along with information about IT resources that they support:

Business Office Guide

Who to talk to….

Stacey Beyer: Grant and Account management.

Renita Betts: Monthly payroll, hiring of graduate students, and travel questions/help.

Carrie Brier: Bi-weekly payroll, hiring of undergrad students, purchasing items, consultant payments, non-travel reimbursements.

Marshay Jolly:  Any other questions.


Concur:  Purdue’s online travel approval, booking & expense system.  Access through OneCampus website

Employee Self-Service:  You will be able to change your personal information such as home address/phone, bank details for direct deposit and suppress personal data.  You will also be able to access your monthly salary statements here.  Access through the OnePurdue portal located on the OneCampus website

Ariba: Purdue’s online procurement system.

AIMS: Grant management system that financial projections are created out of by your account manager and sent to you on a frequent basis.

SPS Preaward:  All grant proposals and budgets should be routed through this group.  You will have a specialist assigned to you and they will help you with the submission of any proposals.  If you’d like to submit a proposal email

Have any financial, HR or grant related questions PLEASE contact the business office first.  The majority of the time we will be able to either answer your questions or direct you to the correct person that can.

Contact Information:

Renita Betts,, 4-2337, Room 6117

Stacey Beyer,, 4-2338, Room 6122

Carrie Brier,, 4-2342, Room 6119

Marshay Jolly,, 4-2340, Room 6120

Getting a new phone? Prep for BoilerKey

If you are planning to get a new phone, be sure to prepare for BoilerKey changes or you’ll be locked out!

Print off your BoilerKey Backup Codes or turn on self-recovery per this Purdue Today article:

Or, if you still have your old phone , you can use it to log into the BoilerKey site (using the DUO app + WiFi) and initiate a new BoilerKey setup…

EdIT can assist you if you are locked out. Just contact us at

Thank you!

~ Bob & the EdIT team

Purdue Box FAQ

Where do I log into Purdue Box?   { log in with your Purdue BoilerKey }

What Is Purdue Box?

Starting in November, 2018, Purdue will begin implementing Box cloud storage and collaboration services.

The first phase of the Box implementation will provide pre-approved campus researchers with secure storage for certain types of controlled data. Other research data needs will be addressed immediately following this first pilot group. Users of controlled data in Box will have an individual account as well as access to project-specific controlled data folders.

Storage of restricted data in Box requires prior review by Purdue’s IT Security and Policy group. Restricted data storage in Box may also require approval from campus offices and committees responsible for contractual compliance and research regulatory affairs. Restricted data cannot be stored in individual user folders. Controlled research data must be stored in special folder structures governed by policy. Project-specific folders will be provided for approved restricted data uses as the implementation progresses.

If you are a Purdue researcher with controlled data storage needs, please visit the Research Computing page at or email for more information.

Who is eligible to have a Purdue Box account?

Due to licensing and regulatory restrictions, Purdue Box is only available to currently-active Purdue faculty, staff, and students.

If you believe that you are an eligible user and cannot sign into Purdue Box, please contact the ITaP Customer Service Center by emailing or calling 494-4000.

What features does Purdue Box have compared to my free Box account?

Purdue Box offers a number of enhanced features over free Box accounts.

File Size Upload Limit: Free Account: 250 MB,  Purdue Box Account: 15 GB
Available Storage: Free Account:10 GB, Purdue Box Account: 1,000 GB
Purdue Authentication: Free Account: No, Purdue Box Account: Yes
Password Protected Sharing: Free Account: No, Purdue Box Account: Yes
Advanced Collaboration: Free Account: No, Purdue Box Account: Yes

Why can’t I sign into Purdue Box on my mobile device?

You may receive an “authentication failed” message when you sign into Purdue Box on a mobile device. This can be caused by the browser (Safari, Samsung Internet, Opera, Chrome, etc.) automatically capitalizing the first letter of your career account username.

You can work around the issue by checking your username (Career Account) before clicking “Login”. Change any capital letters to lowercase.

What training is available for Purdue Box?

You can find free Box training at Box provides recorded and live tutorials on Box features.

If you prefer training with an instructor, you can sign up for certain live, online Box training sessions which are scheduled at preset times. The others are self-paced, pre-recorded sessions. The self-paced content covers basic Box functionality and should provide you with enough information to get started.

Box recommends users start with the free, self-paced User Essentials training. This course will provide you with training on basic Box functionality. You can find it listed near the bottom of the page linked below.

NOTE: You may be required to log into Box to access some of the training. Following along while logged into Box in a separate window is also recommended.

You can find Box training at the following link: also has a number of courses on using Box which are free to Purdue faculty and staff. Please visit and click on “Professional Tutorials” to access as a Purdue faculty or staff member.

How do I remove my Purdue Email Address from my personal Box Account or remove the content?

If you have an existing Box account and have not been moved into the Purdue environment, you may need to remove personal content from your Box account before it becomes subject to Purdue policy and procedures.

Purdue must bring all accounts at Box created using a Purdue email into the Purdue Box environment as part of the Purdue enterprise Box implementation.

NOTE: Existing Box users who have an account created with an “” email address will be affected by this change.

Any data you own in your Purdue Box account after migration will be subject to Purdue policy and procedures.

You own data in Box if you created the file in a folder you own or someone transferred ownership of the file to you. If a file is only shared with you by someone else or you have saved your file in someone else’s folder, you do not own that file.

To completely exclude your account from the migration, you must follow the procedure below.

First, change ownership of the files you control:

Using a New Box Account with a Non-Purdue address

Add a new, non-Purdue email address to your Box account. This cannot be an existing Box account. It must be an address which has not been used at Box before. Please refer to this article on managing your account settings to add the new linked email address:

Click on the Login and Email Addresses link to jump to the correct section. To find your Account Settings in Box, click the Photo or Initial icon in the upper right of the Box web interface.

Make this account the Primary email address on your Box account. This step will change ownership of all of the files and folders you own to the new, non-Purdue account.

Using an Existing Box Account with a Non-Purdue address

Go to each folder you own and share it with the existing, non-Purdue account email address as a collaborator. Repeat this procedure for any loose files you own which are not in a folder.

NOTE: If you own a number of loose files in the root of your folder, it is easier to move these files into a single folder and then perform the sharing once for the entire folder.

Accept the sharing invitations from your non-Purdue Box account.  It may be easiest to do this in a different browser. For example, if you’re using Chrome, open the non-Purdue account in Firefox. Go back to your Purdue address account and change the permission level of the non-Purdue account on each of the shared folders or files to “Owner”.

Next, manage the folders and files you do not own

Invite the new email address as a collaborator to each of the folders you do not own by clicking share and entering the new email address. Do this before you remove your email address from your Box account.

NOTE: If you cannot invite your new email address to a folder or file someone has shared with you, this means the owner has restricted file sharing or your access level is not high enough to re-share the content. In this case you must contact the owner of the file or folder to share the file with your new address.

After all files have been addressed

If you have added a new email address and made it Primary:
Remove the email address from your account before January 31, 2019. This step will ensure your account is not migrated to the Purdue Enterprise environment.

NOTE: If you do not perform Step 2 before removing your Purdue address, files shared with you by others will not be visible after the change.

If you have changed the owner of all of your files and folders or re-shared those owned by others:
Remove the address from the files or folders by ending the collaboration. You can do this from your account by clicking the menu for each file and selecting ‘…More Actions’.

Source: Purdue ITaP Gold Answers

For more information, see the Purdue GoldAnswers site:

Or email:

Purdue Hazard Communication Training – Mandatory for all Purdue Employees

Dear College of Education Employees,

As part of Purdue’s OSHA-mandated “Integrated Safety Plan” all paid Purdue employees (including student employees) are required to complete a one-time training called: Hazard Communication Training.

To complete the training, College of Education employees can watch the following 13-minute video:

Purdue Hazard Communication Training Video

…and then, after watching the video, take the short quiz here:

Quiz – Hazard Communication Training

Once you have completed the Quiz, you should receive an email confirmation message.  Please forward that message to your departmental main office.

Thank you!

Robert Evans
Chair of the College of Education Safety Committee
Co-Chair of the BRNG Safety Committee

SAS 9.3 Registration Form

If you would like to have SAS 9.3 installed on your Windows computer, please fill out the registration form linked below.  Follow the instructions at the bottom of the form to turn it in.  You should receive an email stating that you can install the software.  Let us know when you get that email and we will install SAS on your Purdue computer for you.


Purdue IT testing Windows 8 to identify issues with compatibility and ease of use

Purdue students, faculty, and staff who received computers as gifts over the holidays and were introduced to the newest version of Microsoft Windows may be asking when the University will move to Windows 8. Purdue IT is taking a staged and planned approach to determine if and when student labs and faculty and staff computers will migrate to Windows 8.

For more information on the approach, and tips for using your personal computer with Windows 8 on campus, please visit: