The Education IT Team

The Education IT Team

Business Office Contacts and IT Resources

The College of Education Business office has released information about who on their team supports various services, along with information about IT resources that they support:

Business Office Guide

Who to talk to….

Stacey Beyer: Grant and Account management.

TBD: ALL payroll (i.e. regular staff, faculty, grads, undergrads, leaves, benefits etc.) help. See contact  information below to send in a ticket.

Carrie Brier: ALL purchasing (i.e. reimbursements, vendor payments, consultant payments, human subject payments, etc.) and travel help.

Marshay Jolly:  Any other questions.


Employment Center: The College of Education and the College of Liberal Arts share an employment center. Here is a link to the website for the center. You can find forms to complete if you would like to hire, transfer, or terminate a student. Renita Betts works in the payroll center.

Concur: Purdue’s online travel approval, booking & expense system. Access through OneCampus website

SAP SuccessFactors: You will be able to change your personal information such as home address/phone, bank details for direct deposit and suppress personal data. You will also be able to access your monthly pay statements here. Access through the Employee Launchpad located on the OneCampus website

Ariba: Purdue’s online procurement system. You can work with your departmental secretary to assist with
ordering supplies, books, etc.

AIMS: Grant and Non-Grant management system that you can use to access budgets, expenses, and available balances on your accounts at any time. This system is also used to create financial projections by your account manager that will be sent to you on a frequent basis.

SPS Pre-award: All grant proposals and budgets should be routed through this group. You will have a specialist assigned to you and they will help you with the submission of any proposals. If you’d like to submit a proposal you will need to complete a proposal worksheet which can be access through the Proposal information Portal located at this address Log in using your career username and password.

If you have any financial, HR or grant related questions PLEASE contact the business office first. The majority of the time we will be able to either answer your questions or direct you to the correct person that can.

Contact Information:

Stacey Beyer,, 765-494-2338, remote
Vacant,, 765-494-2337, hybrid
Carrie Brier,, 765-494-2342, remote
Marshay Jolly,, 765-494-2340, remote

Purdue Box FAQ

Where do I log into Purdue Box?   { log in with Duo }

What Is Purdue Box?

Box is a cloud-based file storage and collaboration service. It provides users with the ability to upload files, securely share them with others, and collaborate effectively. Purdue Box is a Purdue-managed implementation of Box tied to your Purdue email address.

Storage of restricted data in Box requires prior review by Purdue’s IT Security and Policy group. Restricted data storage in Box may also require approval from campus offices and committees responsible for contractual compliance and research regulatory affairs. Restricted data cannot be stored in individual user folders. Controlled research data must be stored in special folder structures governed by policy. Project-specific folders can be provided for approved restricted data uses.

If you are a Purdue researcher with controlled data storage needs, please visit the Research Computing page at or email for more information.

Who is eligible to have a Purdue Box account?

Due to licensing and regulatory restrictions, Purdue Box is only available to currently-active Purdue faculty, staff, and students.

Box accounts are not created in advance. Unless your previously-existing individual account using a Purdue email address was moved to Purdue Box, you will only have a Purdue account if someone shares a file with your Purdue email address or you access Box as part of Purdue University. A Purdue Box account is created for you the first time you do this at

What features does Purdue Box have compared to my free Box account?

Purdue Box offers a number of enhanced features over free Box accounts.

File Size Upload Limit: Free Account: 250 MB,  Purdue Box Account: 15 GB
Available Storage: Free Account:10 GB, Purdue Box Account: 5,000 GB
Purdue Authentication: Free Account: No, Purdue Box Account: Yes

Can I use Box on a mobile device?

Yes. Box has clients for most mobile devices. Click the Apps link in the Settings menu to see available downloads.

What training is available for Purdue Box?

You can find free Box training at Box provides recorded and live tutorials on Box features.

You can also find Box training at the following link:

LinkedIn Learning also has a number of courses on using Box which are free to Purdue faculty and staff. Please visit and click on “Professional Tutorials” to access LinkedIn Learning as a Purdue faculty or staff member.

For more Purdue Box info, see the Purdue IT Gold Answers :

Last Updated 2/2023

Purdue Hazard Communication Training – Mandatory for all Purdue Employees

Dear College of Education Employees,

As part of Purdue’s OSHA-mandated “Integrated Safety Plan” all paid Purdue employees (including student employees) are required to complete a one-time training called: Hazard Communication Training.

To complete the training, College of Education employees can watch the following 13-minute video:

Purdue Hazard Communication Training Video

…and then, after watching the video, take the short quiz here:

Quiz – Hazard Communication Training

Once you have completed the Quiz, you should receive an email confirmation message.  Please forward that message to your departmental main office.

Thank you!

Robert Evans
Chair of the College of Education Safety Committee
Co-Chair of the BRNG Safety Committee

SAS 9.3 Registration Form

If you would like to have SAS 9.3 installed on your Windows computer, please fill out the registration form linked below.  Follow the instructions at the bottom of the form to turn it in.  You should receive an email stating that you can install the software.  Let us know when you get that email and we will install SAS on your Purdue computer for you.


Spider 3.0 How-To

Spider 3.0 is a tool that runs locally on your computer to scan for certain types of restricted data. By default, Spider looks for Social Security and Credit Card numbers. Spider scans the contents of all of the files on your computer to see if there are any numbers which might resemble restricted data. It then creates a log (list) of those files to be manually checked by the user. One of the challenges of using a program such as Spider is that it uses “pattern matching” and typically finds patterns in some files that are not actually restricted data. So you’ll need to carefully go through the list of files that Spider returns to see if actual restricted data exists in them.  Below are instructions for running Spider 3.0 once it is installed on your computer.

Please click below for the reference document (PDF):

How To Block Spam Within Outlook

If you receive a large amount of spam email  from a specific sender, you can block that sender within Outlook.  Blocking a sender causes all email from that sender to automatically move into the Junk Mail folder.  To block a sender, simply follow these steps:

  1. Right click on the spam message in your list emails.
  2. Near the bottom of the pop-up menu, you should see Junk.
  3. Hovering over that with your mouse brings up multiple options.
  4. Click on Block Sender.

If a message is sent to your Junk E-Mail folder by mistake, you can follow the same steps and choose to never block the sender.

The bottom option on the pop-up list is for advanced options.  From there you can change options about links, suspicious domain names, and permanently deleting junk mail (not recommended), as well as deciding how strict filtering should be.  The other tabs at the top allow you to edit your safe and blocked senders lists.  You can add individual email addresses ( or domain names (  Adding domain names will allow/block all email addresses from that domain, no matter who sent it.

For more information please visit:

–Education IT

How To Block Spam With PureMessage

Occasionally spam email messages will slip through the Purdue PureMessage spam filter.  If there is a specific spam sender that you need to block, you can follow these steps to block the sender:

  1. Go to the PureMessage portal:
  2. Log in with your Purdue career account
  3. Click on the option labeled “Blocked Senders” (on the left)
  4. Add an email address to block (or you can block the entire domain using “”)

As long as the sender’s email address and/or domain does not vary (a technique spammers use), they should be blocked in the future.

–Education IT