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How To Use OneDrive In Office 365

PLEASE NOTE: Purdue has licensed Microsoft OneDrive for the entire campus and all faculty and staff members have been allocated 1 TB of space in OneDrive.  The Education IT team is now encouraging all of our users to transition to OneDrive (which is a component of Office 365).  Here is a video showing how to use OneDrive in Office 365:

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— Education IT (

Contact Education IT First!

Dear College of Education,

If you run into a problem with your College of Education owned computer, printer, laptop, iPad, software, or other technology, or if you have problems with your Purdue career account (e.g. logging into systems after a password change), please to contact the Education IT team first before contacing the central IT group. 

Education IT is your first responder for IT assistance and we work closely with the other IT organizations at Purdue.  By sending your request to or calling us at (765) 494-2658, we’ll help ensure that you get the fastest response to your question or problem.

Thank you and happy computing!  🙂

— Your Education IT Team

How to prevent your computer from sleeping

Do you need to run a big job overnight?  Do you need to prevent your computer from falling asleep on the job?

If you’re using a program that needs to run for an extended period of time, the Education IT team can provide you with a small utility that — while it is running — will prevent your comptuer from going to sleep.  We use it when rendering videos that sometimes take 4-5 hours to complete.

Please contact us and we’ll send you a link where you can download the program.